Travis builds by user access

For infrastructures that require secured credentials, cloud backend tests only run for developers with write access to the broadinstitute/cromwell GitHub. Secure tests are skipped for all other users.

Other backends run tests for any user.

Backend Read-only users Write/Admin users
PAPI V2alpha1
PAPI V2beta

Upgrade / Horicromtal / etc.

CI Test Type Cromwell Config Centaur Config
Engine Upgrade (backend)_application.conf centaur_application.conf*
Horicromtal papi_[v2beta or v2alpha1]_horicromtal_application.conf** centaur_application_
Engine Upgrade
papi_v2beta_application.conf** centaur_application_
Papi Upgrade papi_v1_v2alpha1_upgrade_application.conf** centaur_application.conf*
Papi Upgrade
New Workflows
(backend)_application.conf centaur_application.conf*
WDL Upgrade (backend)_application.conf centaur_application.conf*
(other) (backend)_application.conf centaur_application.conf*
CI Test Type ScalaTest Spec Test Directory
Engine Upgrade EngineUpgradeTestCaseSpec engineUpgradeTestCases
Horicromtal CentaurTestSuite standardTestCases***
Engine Upgrade
EngineUpgradeTestCaseSpec engineUpgradeTestCases***
PAPI Upgrade PapiUpgradeTestCaseSpec papiUpgradeTestCases
PAPI Upgrade
New Workflows
CentaurTestSuite papiUpgradeNewWorkflowsTestCases
WDL Upgrade WdlUpgradeTestCaseSpec standardTestCases****
(other) CentaurTestSuite standardTestCases

* Centaur Config always uses centaur_application.conf except when overridden with papi_v2alpha1_centaur_application.conf or papi_v2beta_centaur_application.conf (48 preview link)
** Cromwell Config overrides (47 link)
*** Test Directory overrides (47 link)
**** Test Directory only tests tagged with wdl_upgrade (47 link)

  • Engine Upgrade: Retrieves the Cromwell Version then retrieves the previous jar/docker-image from DockerHub. Centaur starts with the prior version, then restarts with the compiled source code.
  • Horicromtal: Runs a docker-compose with:
    1. db-mstr: started first
    2. sum-back: runs summarizer
    3. front-back: exposes HTTP
  • Horicromtal Engine Upgrade: Combination of Horicromtal and Engine Upgrade
  • PAPI Upgrade: Tests run with an older version of Papi and upon restart use a newer version of Papi
  • PAPI Upgrade New Workflows: Test definition does not run any tests
  • WDL Upgrade: Upgrades WDL from draft-2 to 1.0 before testing
  • (other): Runs *.test files listing the configured backend names


Backend MySQL PostgreSQL MariaDB

⭕ Tests Horicromtal Engine Upgrade versus standard Centaur suite

All backends run against MySQL. The Local backend also test PostgreSQL, allowing contributors ensure WDLs work with PostgreSQL. MariaDB is tested on a specialized upgrade, where the MySQL connector client is used first, and the MariaDB client is used after restart.