This sample configuration is a community contribution and therefore not officially supported.

The following configuration can be used as a base to allow Cromwell to interact with a volcano cluster and dispatch jobs to it:

Volcano {
  actor-factory = "cromwell.backend.impl.sfs.config.ConfigBackendLifecycleActorFactory"
  config {
    runtime-attributes = """
    Int runtime_minutes = 600
    Int cpus = 2
    Int requested_memory_mb_per_core = 8000
    String queue = "short"

    submit = """
        vcctl job run -f ${script}
    kill = "vcctl job delete -N ${job_id}"
    check-alive = "vcctl job view -N ${job_id}"
    job-id-regex = "(\\d+)"

For information on how to further configure it, take a look at the Getting Started on HPC Clusters.

Exit code

See also HPC - Exit code timeout

If you have any questions about Volcano, please open an issue at or contact us at Slack Channel : Mailing List :!forum/volcano-sh otherwise, feel free to mail to :