Google Pipelines API Workflow Options

These workflow options provide Google-specific information for workflows running tasks on the Google PAPI backend.

Keys Possible Values Description
jes_gcs_root string Where outputs of the workflow will be written. Expects this to be a GCS URL (e.g. gs://my-bucket/workflows). If this is not set, this defaults to the value within backend.jes.config.root in the Configuration.
google_compute_service_account string Alternate service account to use on the compute instance (e.g. If this is not set, this defaults to the value within backend.jes.config.genomics.compute-service-account in the Configuration if specified or default otherwise.
google_project string Google project used to execute this workflow.
refresh_token string Only used if localizeWithRefreshToken is specified in the Configuration.
auth_bucket string A GCS URL that only Cromwell can write to. The Cromwell account is determined by the google.authScheme (and the corresponding google.userAuth and google.serviceAuth). Defaults to the the value in jes_gcs_root.
monitoring_script string Specifies a GCS URL to a script that will be invoked prior to the user command being run. For example, if the value for monitoring_script is "gs://bucket/", it will be invoked as ./ > monitoring.log &. The value monitoring.log file will be automatically de-localized.
monitoring_image string Specifies a Docker image to monitor the task. This image will run concurrently with the task container, and provides an alternative mechanism to monitoring_script (the latter runs inside the task container). For example, one can use, which reports cpu/memory/disk utilization metrics to Stackdriver.
google_labels object An object containing only string values. Represent custom labels to send with PAPI job requests. Per the PAPI specification, each key and value must conform to the regex [a-z]([-a-z0-9]*[a-z0-9])?.


  "jes_gcs_root": "gs://my-bucket/workflows",
  "google_project": "my_google_project",
  "refresh_token": "1/Fjf8gfJr5fdfNf9dk26fdn23FDm4x",
  "google_compute_service_account": ""
  "auth_bucket": "gs://my-auth-bucket/private",
  "monitoring_script": "gs://bucket/",
  "monitoring_image": "",
  "google_labels": {
    "custom-label": "custom-value"